Mezzanine Floors

Installing Mezzanine Floor and Pallet Racking Systems in Your Warehouse

Accidents and errors that result in operational downtime are natural occurrences in a warehouse. However, if they are happening more frequently than normal and you’re losing revenue fast, it’s a sign that there’s a serious problem taking place, and immediate measures are necessary to prevent further delays.

Generally, downtime in warehouses are caused by inefficient processes and poor inventory practices, but these inadequacies have roots of their own and those are what you should try to fix in order to boost your warehouse operation for good. A solution that many warehouse owners have already tried and benefited from is the installation of mezzanine floor and pallet racking systems.

Mezzanine Floor

A mezzanine floor is a temporary or semi-permanent intermediate floor between two main floors of a building. These are very easy to install in a warehouse because of the ample space between the floor and ceiling. In fact, most warehouses have no ceiling at all, allowing for the installation of mezzanine floors with sufficient height.

Instead of building a concrete floor, which can be both lengthy and costly, you can simply install a mezzanine floor. It’s installation may involve no more than the assembly of pre-fabricated components. You can start using it in few days or a little longer if the floor is larger than the standard size.

A mezzanine floor can function as an extension of your storage space, an office, a receiving area for company executives and guests, or even quarters for your employees. It can definitely help you maximise your warehouse space, other facilities can be transferred to your mezzanine, you can widen pathways or add more storage racks to increase your warehouse’s capacity and workers’ safety.

Pallet Racking System

Regardless of the kind of goods you are storing in your warehouse, you need a pallet racking system for two very important reasons. First, a pallet racking system provides a secure storage facility for your products. It significantly reduces breakages because the system can conveniently hold pallets up, one on each rack.

Second, a pallet racking system can help you receive more items and organise them in a manner they can easily be accessed. Increased capacity means more profit and easy access to products leads to higher productivity.

Installing a pallet racking system also allows you to utilise your vertical space well. Items that are currently on the floor, blocking pathways for your workers and vehicles can now be transferred to the racks. As a result, you can reduce or avoid the number of accidents, which have been imbibing your adjudication funds. The bottom line is better warehouse operation and reduced downtime.

Installing mezzanine floor and pallet racking systems in your warehouse is no easy job.  You may want to check out how to install a mezzanine floor if you plan to tackle this project yourself. Just make sure that for any electrical work needed you engage a qualified electrician.